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Winter Enewsletter 2018


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Healing Arts has a new therapist! Mary Brown has returned to Healing Arts after several years of exploring other work experiences. Mary has a very soothing, energetic touch and loves to do Swedish, Deep Tissue and Reflexology along with Aromatherapy. She has appointments available Wednesday 4 – 8, and alternate Sundays all day! Schedule Online

Mary Brown Therepist at Healing Arts Massage Therapy Plymouth Michigan MassageMary has been practicing massage for 7 years. She graduated from Irene's Myomassology Institute in 2011 with a focus on light tough and energy work. Mary worked at Healing Arts as well as in a chiropractic office setting. She specializes in Swedish and Deep Tissue massage along with Reflexology and Aromatherapy.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST)

Since I've been unfamiliar with BCST, I decided to take advantage of Victoria's special offer of $50 for up to 3 sessions during the month of February, and see for myself what it is all about. I was not disappointed, in fact the experience was an eye-opening one. Not a massage, but I would call it a form of very subtle yet powerful bodywork. Very relaxing and meditative, it took me within myself and was an awareness process as to where I was sore and stuck, and allowed me to release that old pattern. I felt great afterward! If you are a bodywork enthusiast like myself, and looking for natural ways to promote healing,I would encourage you to try a session and take advantage of the discounted rate! Schedule Online

Our Team of Four

With many services to offer, let us meet your massage and bodywork needs!

Celeste Hamilton Celeste, with over 40 years of training and experience, Celeste does only Therapeutic Massage, which is a blend of Swedish, Deep Tissue and Orthopedic methods as needed for relaxation and pain relief.

Fawne Peterson Fawne does all three -- Swedish, Deep Tissue and Therapeutic massage. She's had additional training and experience working in various medical fields.

Mary Brown Mary focuses on deeply relaxing Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Reflexology with Aromatherapy and Energy Work.

Victoria DeVinney Victoria, a Doctor in Physical Therapy and Registered in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Victoria has had many years of experience both in allopathic and alternative therapies.

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