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February Enewsletter

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Massage is Good For Your Heart

Our heart is a muscle that never stops working as long as we are alive. Like every other muscle, it responds well to exercise and massage. Both increase the circulation and have been shown to help lower blood pressure.
A healthy whole foods diet is also essential, along with food supplementation. Give the heart the nutrients it needs to keep it working at it's best.
And don't underestimate the need for hugs! Science has shown the positive effects that love can and does have on the body and physical heart. It's good for your heart to practice forgiveness to others who you feel have wronged you. Getting restful sleep is also essential to give the heart the rest it needs. Be good to your heart.

Massage Can Help You Sleep Better

I received this the other day and wanted to pass it along for anyone interested in improving their sleep.
The following group is trying to promote awareness of healthy sleep, especially in populations with chronic pain and other conditions that can tie into sleep problems. The team below has been researching massage as a treatment for sleep disorders, and have created a guide for people suffering from short or poor-quality sleep about why a professional massage might be the next step for them.
You can read the full guide here: https://www.tuck.com/massage-and-sleep/


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