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June 2018 ENewsletter

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Who would benefit from a Physical Therapy Consultation?
Just about anyone! Do you have questions about changes you are noticing in your strength or flexibility? Are you noticing more aches and pains while carrying out your normal daily activities? Do you want to learn how to prevent injuries and avoid surgery? Or are you noticing that your balance isn't what it used to be, and you find yourself having to be more careful with daily activities, including walking? Dr. Victoria DeVinney has 30 years experience as a Physical Therapist and can help you get on track to better, pain-free function. No prescription is required for these Health and Wellness Physical Therapy visits.

Physical Therapy Consultation -75 minutes - $100
In a physical therapy consultation, Victoria will assess your posture, joint alignment and range-of-motion, muscular flexibility and strength, and your balance. She will discuss her findings with you, and instruct you in a personalized home exercise program. She will also help you understand proper posture and body mechanics to minimize muscular strain and risk of injury. And, if you have any specific concerns regarding your musculoskeletal system, she can help you devise a course of action for preventing or treating problems. As time allows, Victoria can also perform manual therapy including myofascial release to address a specific issue.

Physical Therapy Follow-up Visit - 45 minutes - $70
In a follow-up visit, Victoria reviews your home exercise program with you, discussing any current concerns and modifying your exercises as needed. Myofascial release is also available as needed.

Special Offer!
From now through September, Victoria is offering a Physical Therapy Consultation and Follow-up Visit combination for $130. Just sign up via the website for the PT Consultation, and you can schedule the follow-up visit when you come in. In addition, if you have not yet tried Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, you can experience this gentle form of deep healing for $45 for your first session (regularly $90). Please contact Victoria directly via her cell phone at 734-255-0968 if you have any questions. You can also schedule your sessions by contacting her, or by accessing the Healing Arts website.

What is Sports Massage?
Sports Massage addresses the special needs of the “athlete”, the physically active person. How this is different from regular relaxation massage is that rather than lying still on the table, the therapist takes your body through various movements, stretches, and range of motion, along with massage techniques. The focus is on increasing flexibility, range of motion and strength.

The body is addressed three dimensionally, as muscles work in groups. When one muscle moves or contracts, another opposing muscle has to lengthen. Including these movements in a massage stimulates the brain and nervous system, making the massage results more effective. It's basically a “Body Tune-Up”.

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