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Newsletter - July 2016

Healing Arts Massage Therapy

Price Changes Go into Effect September 1st

There will be a $5 increase for Deep Tissue and Therapeutic Massage starting September 1st.
Swedish Massage prices will remain the same.

New Price Schedule 9/1/2016

  • Swedish - $65 per hour
  • Deep Tissue - $75 per hour
  • Therapeutic - $85 per hour

*The half hour and 90m treatments will also increase $5 for Deep Tissue & Therapeutic Massage.
*You may lock in our current prices now by purchasing a package or gift certificates prior to August 31st.

Which Massage is Right for You?

Swedish Massage: Long, soothing strokes for relaxation and stress relief. Deeply relaxing.

Deep Tissue: More than just deep pressure, this method is specific to the musculature. The focus is on releasing muscular restrictions that cause aches and pain. Methods include Swedish, Neuromuscular massage, Myofascial release, Trigger point release.

Therapeutic Massage: For relief of long-term chronic pain and postural muscle imbalance, this specialized medical massage is outcome-oriented and focuses on the specific needs of the client. It includes an assessment, Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage, and Orthopedic Massage along with various additional specialties (muscle testing and balancing methods).

Who We Are at Healing Arts

We are not a Spa or a large franchise. We are a small, privately-owned Massage Therapy Practice located in the heart of downtown Plymouth. Our professional massage therapists are Licensed Independent Contractors with many years of training and experience to offer. Each has their unique areas of expertise.





Celeste Hamilton


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