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October ENewsletter

Healing Arts Massage Therapy building

Yes, We Did Move!

We are at our new location and have been here since September 1st! Please remember when you come for your next massage so you don't wind up at the old place!

We are thrilled with our new place and are anxious for you to see it too!

Here are just a few reviews.


Sep 20, 2017

Feeling good

I have been going to Healing Arts Massage for about 2 years. I go once a month so I have reviewed the Center in the past but now they have moved to a new location so I thought I would update my review. I feel they have found their forever home. It is a private, roomy and wonderful space. Now for the therapy...Celeste gives an outstanding therapeutic massage. I have also has a massage with Fawne and she too is great.

Customer since October 2013


Sep 16, 2017

Wonderful massage

Fawne gave me the best Swedish massage that I have ever had. Sometimes a Swedish massage feels too light, but not with Fawne. It is relaxing, but feels very therapeutic at the same time. The new location is also very nice .

Customer since November 2014


Sep 15, 2017

Great job

Celeste does a fantastic job and is very personable. Pleasant atmosphere in their new office. booking appointments is very easy online. Would highly recommend Healing Arts to everyone.

Customer since September 2017


Sep 9, 2017

Great experience!

Excellent service. Clean, comfortable facility. Fawns is friendly & knowledgeable practitioner. I will definitely book again.

Customer since August 2017

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The Future of Massage – An Art or a Science?

When I first studied massage over 38 years ago, it was not popular and was even sneered at by many as a luxury for the rich, or worse yet a sexual experience. We as massage therapists have worked very hard to educate people about “touch for health” purposes, and claim back this almost-forgotten art.

Our instruction was based on science – the anatomy and physiology of the body (the muscles and bones, function and structure). But the tough part was learning the Art of massage, which is a creative, intuitive process. We had to learn to “sense” and respond to the needs of our client, and we had to learn to touch other people. That was awkward initially for many of us who were not raised in touching families. We are indeed one of the few touching professions left.

While there are many different types of massage, it is safe to say they arise from the needs of the client. A client often comes in with pain and is seeking relief. The appropriate response is usually to provide more clinical applications geared toward providing relief. Modalities including medical massage and orthopaedic massage usually work best. Not specifically for relaxation, more goal-oriented. A massage therapist needs to have adequate structural training to be effective, and here is the Science of massage.

On the other hand, often a client will come in with high degrees of stress and possibly emotional distress. They would normally be geared to relaxing, subtle methods. Swedish massage, energetic methods (acupressure) and craniosacral therapy can be very soothing and emotionally balancing. The objective is to provide balance – this is the Art of massage, and is at it's best an intuitive process.

Of course massage isn't black and white, – a skilled therapist can blend the intuitive art of massage with the science of massage, providing the client with what they need for different areas of the body that day. Each massage will be a unique experience, and a blend of several different methods.

At Healing Arts we recognize this, and attempt to simplify choosing the massage that's right for you by offering three main types: Swedish for deep relaxation; Deep Tissue for muscular tension and discomfort; and Therapeutic for long-term chronic pain relief and muscular imbalance.

Massage is both an art and a science in it's truest sense. What will it become in the future? As people evolve, so also will massage evolve as we strive to respond to the needs of the client. Massage is an exciting, creative process that requires being in the moment with our client.

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