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Winter Tips for Wellness

The clues are all around us – longer days of darkness, cold temperatures outside. We must adapt to the changes of the  season to stay well. Now is the time to rest and rejuvenate. Here are some helpful tips:

Increase your sleep. Give your body the extra time it needs to fortify. Sleep helps the body to reset all systems. It also helps the brain to process many thoughts and feelings through REM sleep and dreams.
If you are not sleeping well, time to investigate and make changes. You'll feel much better if you are getting the sleep you need.
Eat foods that are warming – soups, roasts, casseroles. More protein and fats (the good fats). Keep your inner fires burning to maintain strength. Eat spices that are warming, such as ginger, cayenne, curry. Drink hot beverages.
Strengthen your immune system. The best defense against sickness is a strong immune system. Eliminate sugar, wheat and dairy as much as possible as they have been shown to decrease the immune response. Expose yourself to sunlight as much as possible for Vitamin D, which strengthens the immune system.
Take time to slow down and decrease your stress levels. Stress is the main culprit to over-all health, as 80% of disease begins as prolonged stress. Try watching some comedies, laughter is the best mood enhancer.
Exercise is essential for good circulation. Stagnation breeds germs. Exercise releases endorphines, the “feel good” hormones. Change your body chemistry and change your brain without harmful medications!
Have a Regular Massage. Prevention is key! However if you are not feeling well, one of the fastest ways to bounce back is to have a massage – but a note of caution – if you are contagious you're better off to stay at home for both yourself and the therapist. Massage can exasperbate symptoms as it increases the circulation and you can wind up feeling worse!

Rejuvenate, destress, increase circulation, get some pain relief as being in pain is stressful.

Schedule a massage before the holidays! We have openings 7 days a week, mornings afternoons and evenings for Swedish, Deep Tissue, Therapeutic, Reflexology and Physical Therapy/Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.
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Hannah Cochran Hannah, is a Licensed Massage Therapist and promotes Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, and Athletic Massage.

Mary Brown Mary focuses on deeply relaxing Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Reflexology with Aromatherapy and Energy Work.

Victoria DeVinney Victoria, a Doctor in Physical Therapy and Registered in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Victoria has had many years of experience both in allopathic and alternative therapies.

Celeste Hamilton Celeste, with over 40 years of training and experience, Celeste does only Therapeutic Massage, which is a blend of Swedish, Deep Tissue and Orthopedic methods as needed for relaxation and pain relief.

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